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Get Solid Advice on Overnight Babysitters and Enter to Win Tix to Hansel and Gretel!

With schedules as crazy as they are these days, it’s bound to happen – both parents need to be away for a night, and nobody’s around to watch the kids! What to do?

Lisa M asked that very question last week on AskParentMaze.com, and got some great advice from Sensible Sitters’ founder Vanessa Welstead. Here’s Vanessa’s take:

This is a great question! Keep in mind that while the individual will be sleeping a majority of the time, this is an incredibly important role and you need to compensate them accordingly. Not only are they allowing for you both to travel, they are trustworthy and responsible enough to supply you with peace of mind. I would recommend $120-$150 depending on the individual’s experience, the childrens’ ages and how many hours they stay. A 12 hour shift(7-7) at $15/ hr is $180. Sleeping or not – it is their time and a night spent out of their home. I hope this helps and best of luck securing a sitter. Dont forget, you may be able to expense this. We can be reached at nyc@sensiblesittersinc.com.

User SarahJ agreed, saying she pays more for overnight stays because although the kids are sleeping, it’s a sacrifice to be away from home for a night. What’s your take? Have you ever had to get an overnight sitter? How did it go?!

If you’ve been looking to join in the conversation, now’s the perfect time. If you ask or answer a question on ParentMaze.com by Wednesday, October 24, you could WIN a family 4-pack of tickets (2 adults, 2 children) to Hansel and Gretel’s Halloween Adventure at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre! Running from now until November 3, the show picks up where the original Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre production leaves off; with the pair’s pet swan Samantha flying the children back to their humble home after their wild escapade in the forest. It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss!

Good luck!

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NYC Blogger Spotlight: ‘When Babies Blog’ Shares Adventures in Brooklyn Parenting!

There are so many amazing bloggers here in the NYC area focused on parenting in the urban jungle, and it’s been our pleasure to get to know them online. To give you a chance to get to know them too, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorites over the next little while, asking them all the same question: What is your favorite kid-friendly activity in NYC?












First up, When Babies Blog! New Mom Kaity Velez takes us (and her gorgeous son Oliver) along for the ride on her adventures throughout Brooklyn and the rest of the city. Kaity’s blog is fun and comforting, offering other parents a break from their harried day, information on what’s going on in the city around them, and a way to commiserate about all the little ways having a little one changes you (see: Sometimes My Handbag Likes to Moonlight as a Diaper Bag). If you haven’t yet – check her out! And in the meantime, check out her answer to the question…

What is your favorite kid-friendly activity to do with Oliver in NYC?

We’ve recently discovered the East River Ferry. For some reason I thought taking it was going to be an ordeal. So two Sundays ago when we were getting ready to meet a friend and her daughter at Brooklyn Bridge Park I made sure we got to the Ferry an hour early “in case it sold out” and “to beat the crowd.” Ha! We were able to buy the tickets in cash right on the Ferry with plenty of room up top and below. We hopped on at N 6th in Williamsburg and arrived in Dumbo in 10 minutes! That’s unbelievable to me considering driving would have taken 10 minutes longer and forget about the train. Not only was it convenient but we took in the NYC skyline and rode under two amazing bridges not to mention got a little sea air through our hair. Oliver loves any air through his hair (seriously it’s the cutest). We’ll be taking the Ferry a lot this summer. Oh, and it’s only $4 (free for kids)! I can go on. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

We’re all over this, thank you for the suggestion, Kaity! Has anyone else taken the ferry? And who else has a stuffed diaper bag masquerading as sleek handbag? (slowly raises hand) Tell us in the comments!

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NYC Parent Roundup: What’s Going On and Coming Up With Our Partners and Friends

Saturday, May 12th at 2:30pm

Mommy & Me Crafting

212 Smith Street, Brooklyn

Presented by Artscetera, this two-hour workshop includes activities for children ages 5 and up. You’ll walk away with a personally-designed (by you!) photo book, cookies, cupcakes, coupons, and more craft ideas than you’ll know what to do with.


Saturday, May 19

It’s My Park Day!

Bring your family out to a local park for the annual “It’s My Park” Day, and take part in a multitude of awesome activities hosted by Partnerships for Parks. From planting and painting to nature walks and boating, this is a fun day of community involvement that celebrates parks as a vital part of New York City. No registration required! Just find the participating park nearest you and get involved!


Saturday, May 19, 10:30am – 6pm

8th Annual Block Party at Habana Outpost

This year Sean Meenan and the Habana family are starting the party earlier so you and your family can have more fun. Check out all of these free events and activities!


Jon Samson will be kicking off the party. This local music therapist, performer and award-winning producer is known to get entire families dancing. Be sure to pick up your free egg shakers from My Brooklyn Baby so you can play along!


Bring your little princess to meet Jelessa Peterkin, the reining Miss Kings County to receive their very own crown and get their photo taken.

KIDS CORNER presented by HABANA WORKS/ 10:30 – 3:00pm

Join in as they kick off the 2012 Season of Kids Corner making mobiles out of recycled materials from the restaurant.


Fort Greene’s favorite baby and toddler boutique will provide the materials for your little one to plant a sunflower to take home and watch grow!


- Appearance by ELMO! (Our kids just fainted)

- Bouncy House!

- Stilt Walker!

- Face Painting!

- Clowns!

- Balloons!

and much, much more.

 Habana Outpost is located at 757 Fulton Street (corner or South Portland)


Sunday, May 20th at 2pm

Playtime! Presents Medieval Play and My Children! My Africa!  

Playtime! is New York theatre’s first child enrichment program of its kind, making sure that the children of theatre-going parents are well cared for while their parents enjoy an afternoon of amazing off-broadway theatre. With childcare provided by Sitters Studio, kids learn songs, dances, theatre games, and make crafts, so both parent and child walk away with a new cultural experience!

*Available for kids age 4 – 12 during the May 20th, 2pm presentations of the aforementioned Signature Theatre productions. This offer is available only to those using the Playtime! program during the show.


Coming Soon, Register Now!

Kidville Carroll Gardens

We are so excited about the news that a Kidville will soon be in Carroll Gardens! Opening in September at 380 Court Street (between President and Carroll), online registrations are happening now, so get in there before it books up! Check out detailed information about classes, preschool, and birthday parties, or email owner John with any other questions that might not be covered.


And finally…

We just wanted to give a shout out to the Queens Mamas. We had such a great time at the Mamas Expo last weekend, and we can’t wait to attend next year!

Have news to share? Email us and let us know!

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Williamsburg’s Frolic! – Have You Seen This Place?

For all you parents out there who just can’t bring yourselves to tune into Pandora’s “Children Folk Songs” station one more time, you need to get yourselves over to Williamsburg. You may have heard about the massive, 5,000 sq ft play space that opened this past January, but Frolic! must be seen to be believed.

A rock-lovers paradise for the under-6 set and their parents, the features of this custom-designed space are many: an interactive VW “Ziggy Starbus,” a Rolling Stones-inspired tongue slide, an organic coffee lounge for the parents, themed birthday party packages, and this crazy video wall where motion detectors allow kids to play music just by moving around and interacting with the video. It’s AWESOME. Oh, and the classes. Beyond the obvious music classes, including Rock History and “Little Rock-its,” they’ve also got painting, ballet, soccer, baby clay…we’re exhausted just thinking about it, but fortunately kids have tons of energy to burn, right?

The Frolic! spring/summer class schedule is now online, and classes start April 30. There’s a water taxi right outside the space, making it super accessible to other parts of the city, so get yourself over to the 718 and check this place out.  And when you do, let us know how you like it on our Facebook page!

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